Altruism is a way of life, So hey I need some theatre advice. Technical...

So hey I need some theatre advice. Technical advice, to be specific.

Our One Act Play this year is The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, so parts of the story take place in the forest.

Ordinarily, for a forest scene, my idea would be to either use a backdrop or projection, or scrims, or use hangings to give the image of trees in the background.

However, according to UIL OAP rules, I don’t think we can use those. We can only use what we can carry and set-up ourselves, within a 7 minute time limit. We also have to be able to remove all of our stuff within a 7 minute time limit.

So, does anyone have advice on a good way to create the illusion of a winter and spring forest?

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    That’s tricky, but I would say using some inventive cyc lighting, with some really great gels, would work. You could...
  2. constantsong said: I was in Into the Woods my senior year, acting and tech. For our “forest”, we used propped up screens. Painted them like bark, and literally went out in the woods and got a bunch of sticks for branches, and wired them to the screens. Portable forest!
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    You could get cardboard cut outs of snowy trees and stand them up on the stage?
  4. sebby-----smythe said: Would a backdrop on wheels work? I don’t know how the stage is set up, but if you could just roll it off stage, you’d be done in 30 secs.
  5. giveitashotlovemegirl said: Paper mached trees with the front as a spring forest the back as winter, carpets that have a snowy, grassy look, fake trees, I literally hate the UIL rules in Texaswith a passion. break a leg trying to find something.
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